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Mad 4 Lotto Slot Game

The trouble with playing the lottery is that you only get one draw a day. With Mad 4 Lotto from Castle Casino, you can play as often as you like and get some pretty amazing jackpots too. There are lots of twists and turns between you and the jackpot, with a wild symbol that pops up unexpectedly, as well as a bonus round which could win you a nice big jackpot – rather like the lottery! The game is well set out and clear to understand. If you are quite new to Castle Casino’s online slots, this would be a very good place to start. The symbols are bright and breezy and make you feel good just watching them whiz round and even better when they stop in just the right places! The bonus game is automatic and so you never have to worry that you might have missed an important opportunity to win big.

If you are feeling lucky you can register for a Castle Casino account and claim your £100 first deposit bonus – enjoy tense game play and win real money!